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Employment Law

Through the years and since our establishment, we are proud to say that we have built a solid reputation for providing the most relevant and comprehensive legal advice available. As the top law firm in the field of employment law, we have provided a holistic approach for employers that is commercially focused, constructive and pragmatic. Such a method and standing has been achieved through extensive experience in all areas of employment law.

Although this area is continuously evolving, we always aim to provide useful and cost-effective advice and ensure that our attorneys remain regularly updated.

As a leading law firm, our expertise in advising in the field of employment law extends to both public and private sectors. Whether we’re catering to an employee or an employer, our service includes:

  • Tailor-made services that are inclusive to every industry. These range from drafting internal Bylaws to contractual documentation that include (agreements, employment contracts and employee handbooks for all staff categories).
  • Business employment structuring services that include redundancy, amendment of terms and conditions, and employment transfers.
  • Legal services related to employment relations issues that encompass disciplinary, dismissal, and grievance procedures, in addition to settlement negotiations and severance agreements.
  • Legal services and consultations for employees that are dedicated to ensuring their knowledge about their rights, compensations, unfair dismissals, end of service pay, and other details.
  • Legal representation before the relevant labour authorities, courts, and other courts, in cases concerning termination and bonus claims, to protecting trade secrets, confidential information and business interests.